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Our Grant!

If you’re an individual living with paralysis or other life-altering disabilities and live in the greater Flathead check out our grant!

12 & 24 Hours of Flathead Mountain Bike Race contributes 100% of its proceeds to our grant, “The Last Best Grant.” The Last Best Grant provides funding for individuals living in the Flathead Valley with paralysis (or other life-altering disabilities) to purchase adaptive sports equipment or equipment that would help with ones daily routine.

We believe that everyone, regardless of ability should have the opportunity to get out and recreate in the beautiful Flathead Valley and beyond. Adaptive equipment is an expensive but necessary part of recreation for individuals who live with life-altering disabilities, 12 & 24 Hours of Flathead hopes to help with this cost.

Mountain Bike Race Grant Montana
Mountain Bike Race Grant Montana
Mountain Bike Race Grant Montana
Mountain Bike Race Grant Montana

Before applying, read the “Guidelines & Requirements” for eligibility and process.



Guidelines & Requirements:

-You must complete the entire application.

-You must reside within the Flathead Valley. For these purposes, we are defining the Flathead Valley as anything in the boundaries of Eureka to Polson and Libby to East Glacier.

-You must have a spinal cord injury or other injury that severely inhibits your mobility. You may be asked to provide proof of this.

-Grants applications will be reviewed by the board of 12 & 24 Hours of Flathead within two weeks of deadline. Grant will be awarded based on merit as decided by the board.

Eligible equipment is any piece of sports or recreational equipment that helps you get active that is specifically designed to be used by individuals with a disability OR any equipment that would help with ones daily routine.

-You may also use the grant money to fix or modify a piece of adaptive equipment that no longer works for you.

-If you receive the grant 12 & 24 Hours of Flathead will pay the adaptive equipment vendor or repair company directly, you will not receive a check. There will be more information about this in the grant award letter.

-You will have six months from the date of your award letter to take advantage of your grant.

-After you receive your equipment, we ask that you send a picture to us of you using it!

Grant Application Deadline is August 1, 2021